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               S/V Sabbatical III  

                        Mark and Laura Pitt

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                       Best photos of 2015: Turkey,  Greece, and Israel&Inland Europe

Best photos of 2014:  Turkey

                                                              Best photos of 2012/13: Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia, Turkey and Greece

Best photos of 2011: Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia
Best photos of 2010:
Australia, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Huon and Chesterfield Reefs

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2009 : Maps, Photos, and Blog 

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2008 : Maps, Photos, and Blog

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Boat specs

Google Earth Tours of our 2009 Passages

       Sabbatical III's Anchorages of 2009:   Vanuatu   New Caledonia and Australia

Current wind conditions in the Aegean Sea