Waiting for weather in Ponza

We spent three week in Ponza waiting for sailing weather to cross the Tyrrhenian Sea back to Sardinia.  It was super hot the last week and there were lots of tourists on the island, but still a beautiful place to spend 3 weeks.  Here are some photos:

Looking south along the east coast of Ponza Island

Cala Chiaia di Luna, Ponza

Ponza Town




Boats at anchor, Ponza

Mark at Ponza

Cala Chiaia di Luna, Ponza

Farm at Piano D’Incenso

Ponza Island

Sunset, Ponza

Piano D’Incenso, Ponza

Lighthouse at southern end of Ponza

This cute young guy and his girlfriend went around the island selling ice cream bars to the boats at anchor. Whenever we got his attention, we got two Magnum Classic bars. He got to know us well.

Ponza town and harbor. We anchored mostly at Cala D’Inferno except we were chased around the island twice by wind shifts.

We are now in Tunisia.  We will try to get the blog up to date soon.

M. and L.