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Our videos from 2008 are in mpeg4 (Quicktime) format. (Videos from 2009 are coming soon).
Just click on any video below to play:

Ants in Panama arrival_nz BabyBooby Beach_Tonga Calmseas_to_nz Captain_cleans circle-dance circumcision_dance circumcision_pigs Clams dolphins2 farewell_dancep FatuHiva finns_birthday Galapagos Hannah_DanielsBay Hannah_NukuHiva headress_dance HowlerMonkeys Huahine Justsailing LaPaella-Desktop MantaRays-Desktop Marquesian_man men_cooking minerva PanamaCanal Pirates rays RishoMaru_Tahaa Rom_dance Ruahruah_dance Samoa_coconut_story Sawaleelay_dance shark Squall stick_dance Suvarov_fish TonganFeast Turtle UaPou welcome Whales wristwatch_namba Yasur_volcanoAdd Video to Website by v1.7

These are our lower resolution photo slideshows from 2003/2004 and  2006/2007. You must have the Flash add-on to view. (position mouse over photo to see caption) :

2003-2004: trip across the Atlantic and through the Caribbean


October 2006: preparing the boat for departure


Current slideshows from 2006/2007:  ALL


Current slideshows:  Caribbean (Dec 2006/ Feb 2007)


Current slideshows:  Panama:  San Blas Islands and the Canal (Feb 2007/March 2007)


Current slideshows:  Galapagos and Passage to Marquesas (March 2007/ April 2007)


Current slideshows:  Marquesas and Tuamotus (April 2007/ July 2007)


Current slideshows:  Society Islands (July 2007/ August 2007)


Current slideshows:  Suvarov, Samoa,  Tonga and New Zealand (August 2007 to October 2007)



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