Photos from Singapore

Here are some photos from Singapore. — M

Old and New in Singapore

The AIS screen on Sabbatical III showing the freighters and tankers around us in the Singapore Straits as we entered from Indonesia. Sabbatical III is the purple dot at bottom center.

Tankers in the Singapore Strait.

Touring Singapore with Melinda and George of “Dedalus.”

In case there was any doubt.

Hannah in Little India.

The Boon Lay subway station. The station nearest to the Raffles Marina.

With Karin and Jean-Francois of “Intiaq” in Little India (Singapore) after dining on Kerelan food.

With Karin and Jean-Francois on the subway.

The famous Raffles Hotel in the background.

Little India.

Milk ad on bus (Singapore).

Sign in supermarket.

Hannah poses in front of fashion displays


No stealing sandals in Singapore

Departing Singapore

It is 7:30 am Thursday morning in Singapore, and we will be departing for Port Dickson, Malaysia in about one hour.  It is a two and one-half days passage up the Straits of Malacca to Port Dickson.  We plan to anchor at the small island of Pulau Pisang tonight, at Pulau Besar tomorrow night, before arriving at the Admiral Marina outside of Port Dickson on Saturday afternoon.



We’ve now been in Singapore for about 10 days, having arrived here on October 15th. It is hot and humid with almost daily thunderstorms. It is also incredibly clean, and green and efficient. Despite all the buildings and construction and highways, they have managed to keep an incredible amount of green space which really makes the city very attractive. We had Hannah with us for the first 6 days and we kept busy doing sightseeing and eating as often as we could in Chinatown, Little India, and even shopping malls since the food is so uniformly delicious here. It reflects the mix of people who live in Singapore – primarily Malay, Chinese and Indian. The Raffles Marina where we are staying on our boat is kind of far from the city, but there is a free shuttle bus that takes us the 15 minute ride to a huge shopping center (Boon Lay), and from there we have a very inexpensive, clean and fast train that takes us into town in less than 1/2 an hour.
We visited the botanical gardens yesterday with good friends of ours from the boat Dedalus and really loved it – the most beautiful orchid gardens you can imagine.
We have also re-connected with old friends from the catamaran Intiaq. These are friends that we met in the Galapagos and we sailed on and off with them for much of our 1st and 3rd years out. We somehow managed to arrive in Singapore on the same day – after not seeing them for 2 years. They sailed in from northern Borneo and we arrived from Indonesia. Small world?
Lots to do and see in this place, but we plan to leave here on Thursday and start sailing up the coast of Malyasia to Pangkor Marina. That’s where we will leave Sabbatical III for the winter…..

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