Mount Glorious

We finally took a half-day off from boat work to drive inland and explore.  We started in Dayboro (“The Town of Yesteryear”) where we surprised the lady in the tourist office by just showing up, then went north to Mount Mee and south to Mount Glorious.

On the way up to Mount Mee we passed the following offering  for sale.  I thought it worthy of a photo, although I imagined it was just a fine natural fertilizer.  Closer inspection revealed that it is being touted as a way to lose weight.  At least that is what I think it says.

Horse poo for sale
The side of the cart touting the product's use as a diet aid

Another interesting sign:

Sign advertising "slashing". It seems that slashing is preferred to choking in Australia

Finally, the view from Mount Glorious is glorious:

View from Mount Glorious


Back where we started: Scarborough Marina

Yesterday, we left Dockside Marina in downtown Brisbane and sailed the 30 miles to Scarborough Marina, where Sabbatical III will live until next April.  We will remain in the water at a berth until the first week of December at which time we will have Sabbatical III  hauled.

These are some photos of the local fauna taken at two of our favorite parks in Brisbane — the Roma Street Parkland and the Botanical Gardens.

Iguana poses with the statue of an iguana: Roma Street Parkland, Brisbane
Kookaburra: Botanical Garden, Brisbane

Enjoying Downtown Brisbane

Brisbane Skyline

We have spent the last few days at Dockside Marina, right across the river from the central business district of Brisbane. We really like this town. We bought a weekly ferry pass but wind up walking most of the time. The summer heat has not yet kicked in, and this is a town built for walking. We continue to engorge ourselves with fruit — mostly mangoes, stone fruit, and melon — to make up for their absence in our diet for the past few months. As we walked into the Botanical Gardens adjacent to downtown last night (Saturday), there was a growing horde of people walking with us, all about our age or older. It turns out that there was a big concert in the park — Peter Frampton, Brian Wilson, Chicago, and America, each doing a 45 minute set. It was sold out and tickets where $128 – $168. We were able to hear Frampton as we strolled through the park, over the river on the Goodwill Bridge, and back towards the marina at Kangaroo Point. Lots of 50ish and 60ish people without tickets had set up chairs and food baskets on the other side of the river to listen to the concert.