Departing for Rhode Island

Mark and Laura pose with our crew Leif (left) and Pat (rear).

Tomorrow morning (Monday,June 10) we will depart The Yacht Club Port de Plaisance in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten for Wickford Cove Marina in Wickford, Rhode Island. We have completed our clearance procedures and will exit the lagoon at the 10:30 am opening of the bridge.

Our crew came one week ago but there was no wind to sail north. Light to moderate wind is forecast for most days for a departure starting tomorrow, with strong winds forecast for the seventh and/or eight day of the 10 1/2 day passage. We hope that the wind is sufficient to sail two-thirds of the way to Rhode Island. Concerned about the relative lack of wind, I bought extra jerrycans. We now have 12 jerrycans carrying 20 liters each plus a full 600 liter main tank. If the weather is not as expected, we will stop in Bermuda to wait for conditions to change and to refuel.

You can follow our progress to Rhode Island at our Garmin “Mapshare” site:


Leif (l) and Pat (r) pose with Mark and Laura at Lobster House restaurant at the marina complex.
Jerrycans are lined up after filling with diesel.
The server and cook at the Lobster House became our friends.
Wooden sail boat destroyed by hurricane. Simpson Lagoon, Sint Maarten.
This sail boat is for sale and probably pretty cheap. Simpson Lagoon, Sint Maarten.
View of the sail boat above that is for sale. Simpson Lagoon, Sint Maarten.
Laura gazes at steel sail boat next to the Simpson Bay Causeway. Simpson Lagoon, Sint Maarten.
View towards our marina from the Simpson Bay Causeway. Simpson Lagoon, Sint Maarten.
“Love locks” on the Simpson Bay Causeway.