We are back aboard Sabbatical III


Sabbatical III gets lifted free of the deck of the Thorco Svendborg

We were at the dock at 6:30 am today as our boat was scheduled to be the first one unloaded. It took about one hour to slowly lift Sabbatical III off of the deck of the Thorco Svendborg and deposit her into Marmaris Bay.  We then motored around in order to dig out lines and fenders before heading for Yacht Marina in Yalancı BoÄŸaz which is a few miles from Marmaris at the southeastern corner of the bay.  We did our first “Med-Moor” (backing into a straight dock without fingers while picking up a bow line from the water) without drama.

As we headed from the Thorco Svendborg to the marina, we could feel the wind pick up but we were not sure if it was just windier at the SE corner of the bay or windy everywhere.  The wind was whistling though the rigging of the 600 boats moored in Yacht Marina.  It turns out the wind came up so strong that only two boats were unloaded today as it became unsafe to continue.  Tomorrow the wind will increase further to 35+ knots and no boats will be unloaded.  Monday will bring rain along with some reduction in the wind.  So we were quite lucky to get in the water.  Everyone else is heading back to their hotels to wait for the weather to improve.

The boat came through the trip looking just fine and we are excited to start cruising in the Med.





Almost in the water


Crane hooks in between our masts


To get onto Sabbatical III, we had to climb down from the top of Thorco Svendborg on a vertical rope ladder.


View of crane and rope ladder from the deck of Sabbatical III


Removing the shackles and rope used to unload Sabbatical III


View of old city of Marmaris from the water


Thorco Svendborg arrives in Marmaris, Turkey


Thorco Svendborg steams into Marmaris Bay


Thorco Svendborg arrived at about 6 pm today.  We went aboard and climbed up a ladder to get to the deck of Sabbatical III.  With the help of Manuel, an Argentinian rigger who lives here in Marmaris, we removed some rigging, but Sabbatical III will spend one more night on the deck of the freighter as it got too dark to unload her.  Tomorrow morning at 7 am she will be back in the sea. — M.

Phuket, Thailand: Just prior to loading


Phuket, Thailand: Just prior to loading (note crane above Sabbatical III)


Boats on the deck:  Marmaris


Our charming agent, Soner Yaman, at Marmaris Port


Captain and crew in front of the Thorco Svendborg docked in Marmaris


Boats lashed into their cradles that are welded onto the deck


Sabbatical III lashed on the deck


View towards Netsel Marina from the deck of the Thorco Svendborg (Marmaris)