Safe arrival in New Caledonia

We arrived safely in New Caledonia yesterday after a very good 44 hour passage from Port Vila. The wind and seas forecast was spot on — strong winds (and relatively large seas) to start, then moderating during the second day. This was certainly our best trip from Port Vila to New Caledonia in the past three years. The two previous trips both had some ugly parts. We are anchored in Baie Ire of Ile Ouen in the Wooden Channel, about 25 nautical miles from Noumea.

There were only one glitch. I lost a beautiful yellowfin tuna overboard just 2 miles from where we are now anchored in the New Caledonia lagoon. We have wanted sushi all year, and today in particular any fresh fish would be better than anything we had onboard. My impatience to land the fish led to him coming off the hook just as he was lifted on deck in the flat calm waters of the lagoon. Laura has not forgiven me yet.


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