Pacific Crossing – Day 11

Saturday, April 21, 2007 Time: 23:00 UTC
Position: 08.29 South 115.26 West
Bearing 264 degrees at 7 knots

The big squalls that we had continued from Thursday evening
through Friday evening . Luckily most of them went away just at
sunset on Friday evening , with mostly clear skies, but
continuing strong winds and seas. It is infinitely better to
sail at night when it is starry rather than pouring rain. We
even have some moonlight last night to guide our way . Today,
Saturday, was mostly clear, with strong following seas and good
winds – 15 to 20 knots. We are not doing much cooking- not that
we are out of food, but simply because we have not had much
appetite. Today I plan to cook chicken as I think we are
getting too thin ( well, maybe I am just dreaming). We have not
even put a fishing pole in the water for three days because the
seas are too rough to start handling 30 pound fish – which we
are determined to catch at some point.