Day 5 at sea from Australia to Vanuatu

01:15 UTC May 30, 2009
S 26 degrees 7 minutes
E 163 degrees 39 minutes
COG: 56 degrees
Speed: 7 knots
We are still motoring along. The weather is actually very beautiful and the seas are so nice and calm that it makes the trip easy (relatively). It is amazing that we have not had wind since the first day and we are now starting our 5th day at sea. The grib files promise a good wind should pick up later today and then we should have at least a couple of days of wind in our favor. We need three days to get to Vanuatu so it looks like things should go well. We are both now in the rhythm of the trip and have actually been able to do 7 or even 8 hour shifts, allowing the other to sleep. It is amazing how much sleep one needs at sea. The first couple of days were very hard – just in terms of natural rhythms being thrown off – rocky seas and not enough sleep. But for the last 2 days it has been much better. You adjust to anything – and the days go by so quickly. We are both listening to good audiobooks at night and there are lots of stars. No sea-life at all except for the phosp
horescence in the water at night. The sun sets before 5:00 p.m. and isn’t up until 5:00. We have a radio net set up twice a day with another boat “Wombat of Sydney” – and we keep track of each other’s positions. Our friends from the boat Priscilla left Australia yesterday and they will join our radio net starting tonight we hope. All is well….. L

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