Day 3 with Hannah and Mia

Tuesday June 12th

Today we hiked over to Hatiheu to have lunch. It is a two
hourwalk up a steep mountain – through lime and mango forest and
then down an equally steep path to the little village of
Hatiheu. There are fantastic views from the top – including that
of our boat in the harbor. It is a well marked trail, used
daily by villagers going between the two towns ( as there is no
other way to get from one to the other unless you have a boat).
Hot, sweaty, and tired, we reached the town just in time for a
really nice lunch at Chez Yvonne – the same place we had picked
up Mia and Hannah just 2 days before. Our friends from the
boat “Caramba” had walked over earlier in the day and were
having lunch there as well. After lunch we decided to do a
little hike up the road to where we were supposed to find some
interesting archeological remains- supposedly just 20 minutes
away. We walked up a very steep hill and then continued along a
beautiful road for at least 40 minutes finding nothing but mango
trees, goats and palms trees. We decided to turn back and when
we reached the town we found out from “Caramba” that we had gone
up the wrong road. Too tired and hot to try again, we joined
“Caramba” who had arranged for a motorboat to take them back to
our bay. Instead of a two hour hike, we were treated to a cool
and pleasant 15 minute boat ride. We all jumped in the water as
soon as we got back in the boat to cool off. Mia passed out
about 8:30 and Mark, Hannah and I stayed up a little later
watching the stars.