Waterfall Bay ,Vanua Lava Island

We arrived in Waterfall Bay, Vanua Lava Island in the Banks Islands today. We stayed an extra day in Gaua Island as the weather was atrocious yesterday. The problem with all of the Banks Islands is the lack of even a single protected anchorage. We anchor in just a little dent on the west side of an island. When strong squalls came up yesterday morning at around 4 am, the seas built and Sabbatical III was just pitching around in an uncomfortable manner. The forecast is pretty good as far as seas state goes for the next few days, so we are hoping for more comfortable anchoring.

 Waterfall Bay has two large waterfalls cascading down to the sea, and a small village perched below steep cliffs. Our arrival here brought together the same set of boats we were with in Port Orly waiting for a weather window to head north – Flame (Australia), Kaiterete (New Zealand), Miami (Switzerland), and Sapho (Germany).

 We have not been to shore yet but have already made an arrangement to get lobsters tomorrow morning. We will likely spend a few days here before heading to Reef Island to the northwest.


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