Heading South: Back to Port Orly

In our last blog we wrote that Chief Nixon of Waterfall Bay had sung us a welcome song and a farewell song that he composed just for us. We thought that the farewell song was premature, but it turns out it was not. The weather turned nasty and the next day (Aug 12) we left just at sunset. Heavy rain and squalls ended at about 3 pm and the weather forecast was good for going but not staying, so we left.

 We had a better than expected sail south and arrived in Port Orly early in the morning. The hot and rainy weather that we have been experiencing for the past two weeks has been replaced with strong southeasterly tradewinds and lots of sunshine. It has cooled off and the humidity has plummeted. I am wearing a light sweatshirt as I write this, and we have light blankets at night. The chop in the bay from the winds makes the snorkelling less good. Instead, we have explored the town of Port Orly, hiked a bit, and canoed up the river at the far end of the bay. The Australian catamaran Ka Pai that we met in Tanna last year came in for a day and we had a pleasant BBQ on their boat.

 We will likely remain here only a day or two more before making our way further south. Waterfall Bay in Vanua Lava Island turns out to be the furthest that we will get this season. The remaining passages of the year all get us closer Australia.


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