passage to Taou- day 2

Since departing Ua Pou, about 35 hours ago, we have had the
fastest 1 and a half days of sailing since the 2003 Atlantic
crossing. It is 550 nm to Taou, the 450 nm noted in my previous
email is a typo. We have been doing 8.5 knots and above
consistently but we are now consciously slowing the boat down so
that we arrive after dawn on Monday. Winds are in the
mid-twenties from the east. seas are 6-9 feet in ESE swells,
with a few scattered squalls.

We are still steering 211 degrees magnetic from our current
position of S 12 degrees 49.88 minutes, W 143 degrees 10.97
minutes at 1912 Marquesan time. Speed is 7.5 knots.

Michael, please alert the family in Taou to our early Monday
morning arrival. Perhaps they could rig a new mooring for us.