Safe Arrival

We arrived safely in Suwarrow today at 11:30 a.m. 4 day 18 hour
passage. Great passage – even baked two banana breads en route.
Only one family lives here. I will describe more in our next
blog as I am too tired tonight to write much. We joined a beach
barbeque tonight with the 5 other boats in the anchorage. One of
them is the boat “Barefeet” which is the boat that is from our
marina in Rhode Island. They began their trip about a month
before we did, and we have been seeing them everywhere since we
were in the Marquesa’s. Another boat here, “Special Blend” is
a boat with a very accomplished Florida fisherman on board and
he came to the barbeque with at least 20 pounds of fish and
cooked for us all. I brought my banana bread. Great fun. We are
exhausted now after the passage and must sleep. Mark has passed
out already having slept only two hours out of the last 24.