Departing for Tonga

We expect to depart for Neiafu in the Vava’u Group
of Tonga tomorrow morning (local time). The course
takes us west along the northern coast of Upolo Island
(where Apia is located), through the Apolima Strait
that separates Upolo and Savai’i Islands, and then on
a course of 189 degrees magnetic for Vava’u. The
route is about 348 nautical miles and will take us
48-54 hours. The forecast is very good. Risho Maru
will be departing at the same time for Neiafu as well.

Since our last blog we attended a Samoas dance and
musical show at the famour Aggie Grey Hotel in Apia.
We went with the Risho Maru’s and with Quest (Pierre
and Denise). The show and the buffet were great. We
also snorkeled at the marine reserve near the marina.