Update from Sabbatical III

12:00 noon local time Thursday Nov 8
(23:00 Wednesday UTC)

Position 24 47 33 south
178 07 85 west
COG 208
Speed 5.8
Miles to go: 750
Seas: Calm – totally flat
Wind: Calm

We are incredibly lucky in terms of having a comfortable sail –
or should I say motor? We have had the calmest seas we have ever
seen since leaving Tongatapu with no swells and hence no roll.
At times we have to look to be sure we are moving as it is so
smooth. We sailed and motor-sailed most of the time since we
left, but as of about 2:00 a.m. this morning have just been
motoring. Sure am glad we filled up our fuel tank and took
along as many extra jerry jugs as we could. The wind is
supposed to pick up in another day and may even blow north-
northeast if we are really lucky.

The stars are much brighter here than ever before on our trip.
Must be the cooler, drier air. They are really incredible.

Eating and sleeping well – even reading – something we can’t
usually do underway.