Still not there

Time: 22:00 UTC or 11:30 a.m. Thursday November 15th
South 30 21
East 173 42
COG 160 degrees
Speed 3 knots

We are still 300 miles from Opua, New Zealand, a distance we
could normally sail in under 2 days, but with the current
conditions it may be 4 days. We could walk there faster than we
are sailing. We had several good hours of wind yesterday that
let us make some progress towards our destination, but then
during the night the winds got variable and petered out. Now we
are just motoring against the southerly swells. Luckily they are
gentle so although we are rocking around a lot, the boat is not
banging. We are trying to conserve fuel by running the engine at
a relatively low RPM. It would be bad to run out before we get
to Opua. Very frustrating, very tiring, but what can we do but
keep on going?
Keep thinking of us as we are of you all!