Saturday May 24th – Video of New Zealand

We posted a short video of New Zealand on our blog. Take a look at the “Photos and Videos” page and scroll half way down the page to see a link to a video of us in New Zealand. If you watch it you will see almost as much of New Zealand as we have seen so far. We are kind of tied down to the boat here – awaiting a weather window that just doesn’t want to come. First it was too rough and now the forcast is for almost no wind at all – plus lots of rain. We thought we were leaving tomorrow (Sunday), but have revised our plans to wait a few more days. We will see what the morning brings. In the meantime we are enjoying things at Opua Marine. Just went out to dinner with our new friends Gloria and Willi from the greatly named boat “Linger Longer”…. We may go to the weekly market in Keri Keri in the morning. It is supposed to be great – although, to tell the truth, I don’t think there is a single thing we need or want to buy at this point. We are full up with supplies.