Departing for Indonesia as part of the Sail Indonesia Rally 2011

Tomorrow (Saturday), morning at 0830 we will go through the lock of the Tipperary Waters Marina, drop to sea level,  and enter the waters of Frances Bay to begin a 474 nautical mile (878 kilometer) passage to the city of Kupang on the island of Timor, Indonesia, as part of the Sail Indonesia 2011 Rally.  Approximately 110 sailboats (and two power boats) from all over the world are participating.  You can check out the web site at http:\\   Our trip takes us on a course of about 285 degrees true through the Selat Roti (Roti Strait) and the Selat Semau (Semau Strait) to an anchorage in front of Teddy’s Bay, Kupang.


We have been working hard getting Sabbatical III ready to cruise Indonesia.   I had some navigational equipment fail, so I ordered new equipment from the US three weeks ago.  That has not arrived.  So a few days ago I ordered similar equipment from Sydney with a promise of next day delivery.   There was a problem at the Sydney airport Wednesday night that backed up flights badly and it only just now (Friday afternoon) arrived into the Darwin airport.  I cannot get it though because it is a public holiday in the Northern Territories as today that marks the start of the 3 day “state fair.”  Realizing that neither of my orders would arrive in time, I have cobbled together something that works with help from an electronics shop, some creative wiring, and some soldering.  It looks ugly but it works.  Another vessel that has to stay behind to repair their rudder will bring my equipment to me in Indonesia when they depart in about 4 to 7 days.


Other than that, Sabbatical III is in excellent shape and full of provisions, fuel, and water.  We have really enjoyed our stay in Darwin and have met some great people. We are looking forward to getting underway again and to the start of our 3 month trip through the Indonesian archipelago.





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