Photos from Flores Island

We bailed out of our planned 28 hour passage to Labuan Bajo after a few hours.  The winds were too light to sail and there was an uncomfortable swell from the north.  So we anchored out in Ciendah and tried again the next morning.  Same outcome — light winds and uncomfortable swells.  So we are now in Riung (since yesterday) and looking to leave tomorrow.  We had a nice walk around Riung today and bought some fruits and veggies at the market.

Here are some photos taken since we left Kupang.




View overlooking the bay at Batu Boga, Flores
Floating fish shack with Mt. Bolling, Adonara Island in background
Fisherman prepare to go to sea at sunset, Batu Boga
Krokos Islets with Lembata Island in the background
Children, Waimalung
Volcano, Lembata Island
Catholic Church, Tanjung Gedong
Laura shops for veggies, Wailamung

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