Time in Indonesia with Hannah

We have had Hannah with us for 10 days now and have been too busy (and sometimes too tired) to write. We are having a great time – have sailed a few hundred miles with Hannah – through the Komodo Islands , past Sumbawa and on to Lombok (right next to Bali). We have taken her for a hike to see the komodo dragons, had some amazing snorkeling in the komodo islands, done lots of kayaking in beautiful deserted bays, seen wild deer, wild boar, and sea turtles, had two over-night sails where Hannah shared in the night-watches, introduced her to lots of other sailors, and we are now enjoying the resort atmosphere of the tiny island of Gili Air. This place is filled with backpackers and restaurants and dive shops. It is a little like Bali of 30 years ago – low-key and hassle free. Hannah is currently taking a 3 day course to get a diving license (that’s diving, not driving!). There are tons of restaurants here , all overlooking the beach, and they are good and incredibly inexpensive so we have been eating out a lot. It doesn’t get much better than this…..
(Our route with Hannah has gone from Labuhan Bajo (western Flores Island) to Rinca (western Flores Island) to Pantai Mera (Western Flores Island) to Batu Monca (Western Flores) to Pulau Medong (Sumbawa) to Gili Air (NW Lombok).
We will be here for a few more days and then head to Bali!

Kayaking in northern Komodo Island with “Haven” and “Gosi” anchored in the background

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