We have been in Belitong for nearly a week now – our last stop in Indonesia. We have never encountered a more welcoming place. They have made all the cruisers feel so welcome – with huge “Welcome Sail Indonesia” ” Sail Wakatobe Belitong” banners all the way down the beach and down the road for 20 miles or more – traditional dancing everyday on the beach – events and tours and meals for us every day. The people here are so friendly and everyone wants to take our picture. I think we must have posed for 40 different families already. The water is lovely and the beach is clean and we have been able to kayak everyday – early in the morning when it is calm. The weather is starting to change as we get nearer and nearer to the equator and later in the season – and we are starting to see thunderstorms almost daily.
Last night was the final event of this year’s “Sail Indonesia Rally”. We had a fun evening on shore with some speeches by local dignitaries (a bit boring), followed by lots of traditional dancing, and then very funny performances by various groups of sailors.
We are sad to leave, but it is time to get to Singapore with Hannah. We leave this afternoon and it will take us about 4 days to get there – with a few stops on the way.

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