Still out of the water

We did not get launched as planned today.  Yesterday, I went to put anti-fouling paint on the inside of the bow thruster and found a small amount of gear oil pooled at the bottom.  For a minute, I tried to tell myself that this was just thick water but then had to admit that there is no such thing as thick water.  It was definitely oil and that meant I had to find the leak and fix it.  Not that big a job actually but it meant delaying our launch until Monday since I would need to drop the whole bow thruster assembly out of the bottom of the boat.

Only one boat can be launched on Saturday (because of tides and the need to paint the bottom of the scheduled boat’s keel while in the lift), so we had to book a late Monday launch appointment.  I replaced the bow thruster prop seal today, which I hope will cure the problem,

They must mean "tid bits"
They must mean “tid bits”

Our hotel now has a bar and just put up this poster to advertise it.  I think that they mean “tid bits” with beer as this is a pretty conservative small town.



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