Departing for the Semilan Islands

Tomorrow (Thursday) morning we will leave Yacht Haven Marina heading for the Semilan Islands. We need to sail south to the southern end of Phuket Island and then north and west to the Semilans. We will day sail the trip around Phuket before heading to the Semilans from Patong Bay. From the Semilans we expect to sail to the Surin Islands that lie on the Myanmar (Burma) border. There is no phone or Internet access in the Semilans and we no longer have the sat phone, so we will not be able to post a blog for awhile. We will be away as long as we have fresh water in our tank since our water maker still does not work, but no longer than three weeks.

At the end of February we will do a visa run to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via air. Loading of Sabbatical III on the freighter will be sometime in the March 5 to 20 window. So we are pretty much booked up for the next few months.


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