Waiting for our ride

Sixteen of the seventeen boats that the Thorco Svendborg will carry to Turkey are now arrayed on her deck, sitting in cradles welded to the steel deck plates. The only boat left is Sabbatical III. We are spending our third night at anchor waiting to bring her alongside.

The wind and sea came up strong last night and persisted all day, slowing the loading process. By 5 pm only two boats had been loaded today with two to go. The third boat of the day did not get lifted aboard until dark (we think). Even if they could get to us, the steep waves would make it impossible for a rigger to work at the top our mast taking down the triadic stay and rigging runners. The peculiarities of our ketch rig necessitate these actions. We are the only ketch coming aboard.

To get out of the waves, we moved behind Ko Nakha Noi island. It is much more comfortable than last night when we were on the eastern side of the island, facing the freighter.

We hope to move alongside the freighter at 0630, but that depends on the sea state. It seems to be calming,so we are hopeful. There is little left to eat except canned goods. Fear not for we are still plump and healthy.


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