Map of places we have visited in Turkey, April-June 2013

We are now is Ayvalik, Turkey.  We will formally check out of Turkey in a few days and head over to the island of Lesbos (Lesvos), Greece and check into the European Union.  (We will return to Turkey in October. )  So now is a good time to map some of the places that we have been.


Place visited April-June 2013
Place visited April-June 2013

The icon letters indicate the chronological order of our visits.  The places mapped are:

A.  Marmaris

B.  Fethiye

C.  Kaş

D.  Symi (Panormitis), Greece

E.  Gümüşlük

F.  Agathanisi, Greece

G.  Kuşadası

H.  Çeşme

I.  Bademli

J.  Ayvalik


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