Levitha Island

Sailing past the cliff or Amorgos Island
Sailing past the cliffs of Amorgos Island

We left the lovely little anchorage in Andiparos (or Anti-Paros) a week ago (October 7th) and sailed over to Lévitha, an island inhabited by a single family but pretty conveniently located for us as we progress southeast on our way back to Turkey.  Unfortunately there was no internet or 3G service there so we were pretty much incommunicado there for a whole 5 days until we finally were told that if you climb up the hill to the family’s taverna, and then continue around the corner from the WC and go behind the goat shed and walk up the hill facing south, you can get pretty good 3G!  Who would have thought?

  Anyways we went to Lévitha to meet up there with our good Australian sailing friends Dave and Melinda from Sassoon who are also sailing back to Turkey.   At first glance the little harbor seemed bleak and barren, but as with all the Greek islands we have visited so far, we soon decided it was quite an enchanting place.  The nice place about Lévitha is that the enterprising family  has put in good sturdy moorings so that the small bay can safely accommodate many more boats than it could hold if everyone was anchoring.  They have put in 10 or 11 moorings and the day we arrived we were thankful that we had arrived early as by 6:00 p.m. every spot was taken and several boats had to drop anchor and tie a line to shore.  That was the only night that it was so crowded.  It must have been partly due to the fact that the previous week there were such strong winds and no-one was moving anywhere and then when the winds died down and everyone started moving at the same time.    

We managed to pass several days there in totally calm conditions which was lovely.  The water was crystal clear, but a bit too cold for me to swim (since I am still fighting a cold), but it was perfect for kayaking. Dave and Melinda managed to swim at least twice a day.   The taverna on the hill was excellent and it was a lot of fun to go up there in the evenings and sometimes meet up with sailors from other boats.  Most of them were charterers, or short term cruisers, and almost no-one spent more than one night there except Sassoon and ourselves.   It was a great anchorage and we would highly recommend it to other sailors. 


View from Levitha Island
View from Levitha Island


View of shepard's hut on Despotiko Island with Sabbatical III and Antiparos in the background
View of shepard’s hut on Despotiko Island with Antiparos in the background
Ruins of Temple of Apollo, Despotiko Island
Ruins of Temple of Apollo with Sabbatical III in the background, Despotiko Island
Laura at Despotiko Island
Laura at Despotiko Island


Drying octopus at Captain Pepino's Taverna, St. Giorgio, Antiparos Island
Drying octopus at Captain Pepino’s Taverna, St. Giorgio, Antiparos Island




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