Fran and John visit Sabbatical III

Fran and John at Pantà d’Ulldecona (Ulldecona Dam).  We hiked for miles along the reservoir.

My twin sister Fran and her husband John visited us on Sabbatical III for six days beginning September 26.  We did not go sailing but we visited the beautiful spots around Sant Carles de la Ràpita in our little SEAT Ibiza rental car.  Plus, we had some amazing Catalan meals.  We always returned to the boat for the night and had leisurely breakfasts aboard each morning.

Brother and sister on the beach at Trabucar
Farm structure in the rice fields of the delta of the Ebro River
Flock of giant flamingoes in the Ebro River delta
A fishing boat named for us in the harbor of L’Ampolla
Fran and Mark pose with the statue of a locally famous guy in L’Ampolla
Fran, John and Laura at L’Ampolla
The historic town of Ballestar.  We had lunch in a mountain lodge and then drove along a road with hairpin curves to this small stone town.
John and Laura
We visited the fishing harbor in Sant Carles. This is the view of the town from the harbor.