Day 17, Passage to the Marquesas

Friday April 27, 2007 19:00 UTC
Position: 09.35 south 131.36 West
Heading 250 degrees with winds 10-12 knots
Speed 6 knots
About 400 miles to go!

After 3 days of going nearly 8 nm per hour we have slowed down –
with both wind and waves decreased substantially. We are
getting hit on the side by small, but insistent waves, that are
making it kind of uncomfortable again. Apparently there was a
big storm south of us and we are just getting its last remains.
If we could maintain a speed of at least 7 knots we can arrive
in Fatu Hiva by Sunday late evening. If we go much slower than
that we will probably intentionally slow down even more so that
we approach the island at daybreak on Monday. It’s not like
driving a car where you can put your foot down on the
accelerator and achieve your desired speed. We are doing well.
It will be very wonderful to reach land, but kind of sad in a
way to be done with this part of the journey. Now if we could
just catch one single fish, we would be very happy. If not, it
may be time to open up one of our gourmet cans of French Canard
(duck) for dinner.