Day 19 – Passage to the Marquesas

Position 10.33 South, 137.04 West Heading 255 degrees at about
6 knots
100 miles to go!

It’s Sunday afternoon and we are cruising along – smooth seas
and gentle steady winds. Hooray. It’s about time we got treated
to a good sail. It was a bit rocky earlier today, but we are
getting a nice treat right now. We were contacted on the radio a
few hours ago by Afriki, a boat we met in the Galapagos, being
sailed by a single hander – from, of all places, Winnipeg! He is
just an hour behind us and for a while we could actually see him
on the horizon. I am sure we will see his lights once it gets
dark. That is the first boat we have seen for so long. The
island is only about 100 miles away, It is supposed to be
breathtakingly beautiful, and we are going to sail around the
whole island, going down the southeastern shoreline and then up
the western side to reach the anchorage. We hope to be at
anchor around noon local time. Very exciting.
Love, L