We are going through the Canal today and tomorrow

Today, Tuesday March 13th, we are going to leave the Atlantic ocean – ascending the first set of locks in the Panama Canal. We will be going through the Gatun locks sometime after 6:00 p.m. and then spending the night in Lake Gatun. First thing in the morning on the 14th we will then descend through the Pedro Miguel and Miraflores Locks to reach the Pacific Ocean.There is a webcam that apparently captures all the ships going through both the Gatun and the Miraflores locks all times of the night and day.

Maybe you can see us:  Go to www.pancanal.com  ( NOT www.panamacanal.com which I erroneously told some of you before).  When you get to that website it will probably tell you that you require Micromedia flash player. Click on that to install the free software.

Then scroll through the homepage til you find a little box at the bottom that says: Multimedia Webcams, and then select Miraflores and Gatun locks.
Once you click on one, it will take a few second for the screen image to show up.  You will then see whatever the current boat in the channel is. You can scroll down lower to see a little film strip and you can select “Last 20 images”.

We will let you all know how it goes. We are excited and nervous.


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