We are in the Pacific Ocean!

Safe Arrival in the Pacific

We completed our transit of the Panama Canal this
afternoon. The photo has Mark and Laura, crew Matt Wall, our
three line handlers Winston, Roberto, and Ng, and Marin, the
advisor provided by the Panama Canal Authority. Missing is crew
Annabelle Bitter, who took this photo.

It was an extremely memorable experience – very overwhelming
in many ways. We are now moored at the Balboa Yacht Club just
past the Bridge of the Americas. Details of our passage will
follow tomorrow when we have rested and had the chance to call
some of you. We were thrilled to talk to Ben and Hannah while
our boat was on the webcam in the locks, and to reach Shirley a
few times en route. We expect to leave for the Galapagos on
Friday. Our current position is N 8 degrees 56.3 minutes, W 79
degrees 33.9 minutes.