Another day sailing en route to Galapagos

5:00 PM EST: N 2 degrees 48 seconds W 84 degrees 57 seconds Course direction 230 magnetic, speed 6.5 knots. We are now well into day 4 of our trip to the Galapagos. Had a windless night and had to motor. It was as smooth as glass on the ocean. Saw the Southern Cross constellation.

This morning the breeze picked up and we have been sailing all day. It is very nice. We are not doing much – lots of napping as the heat makes you very tired – plus the odd sleeping schedules. We all like the watch schedule we are keeping with three 4 hour watches between the hours of 6 am and 6 p and 4 three hour watches the rest of the day. Everyone gets a chance to experience keeping watch at different times of the day that way. Last night I had the 3:00 am to 6: am shift. It was really hard to stay awake. We have only seen one boat in the past 3 days- it was a huge tanker that passed us about 5:00 PM last evening. Kind of shocking to see it there after so many miles of completely empty ocean. This morning there was a good size squid on the deck. I didn’t know they could fly up to the deck of a boat. Maybe it was dropped there by one of the 3 birds that was circling our boat last night. In any event the little bugger kind of made a purple gooey stain on the deck. Yuck.

Keep watching our blog to see when we reach the equator. We
are only 2 degrees north of there right now!